ESPACED has a Patreon page!

posted 15 May 2015 01:13 pm

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15 May 2015 01:17 pm


Support ESPACED on Patreon!

reply is a site that allows you, as a reader, to support work that you like with as much money as you want, and receive perks for it! Very fun for you, very good for the artist, extremely good for the work in progress: in this case, this webcomic!

ESPACED updates twice a week, but is aiming at even more frequent updates depending on what income it provides me. Updating a webcomic in full colour several times a week is hard work, and to keep the project as stable as possible, it needs to get supported financially - which is why you are now able to support ESPACED as a Patreon!

As a Patreon, you’ll not only secure ESPACED’s update schedule, but also receive different perks depending on how much money you offer.

Facebook page:

Thank you!

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